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1 July 2021

Update on full-year outlook for 2021

Company announcement no. 17 - 21
1 July 2021

Update on full-year outlook for 2021

Following continued strong demand and financial performance somewhat above expectations for both divisions in the second quarter of 2021, NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S’ (“NTG”) raises its full-year expectations for 2021:

  • Revenue of approximately DKK 6,300 - 6,700 million (previously DKK 5,900 - 6,300 million).
  • Adj. EBIT of approximately DKK 450 - 490 million (previously DKK 360 - 400 million).

The air and ocean markets are particularly strong at the moment. Besides, parts of our market are influenced by capacity constraints and ensuing price pressure from vendors. NTG has generally been able to provide needed capacity for our customers and grow our business while still protecting our margins. The updated full-year outlook for 2021 assumes that prevailing market conditions will persist the remaining part of the year and that the current balance between supply and demand for transport services will not develop negatively.

NTG expects to publish its H1 2021 interim financial report on 16 August 2021.

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